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Shinedown: Planet Zero World Tour

Shinedown: Planet Zero World Tour

tys 06 des 2022

Dører: 19:00

Aldersgrense: 18+

Konserten med Shinedown på Sentrum Scene 06.12.22 er dessverre avlyst. Kjøpte billetter refunderes innen 06.02.23. Billettkjøpere får info på mail.

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    Dette showet er avlyst. Husk at du også kan søke etter datoer i andre land.

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To our friends in Europe -- we wanted to give you a message directly from the 4 of us in the band.
As most of you know we’re not a band who cancels shows, we can think of maybe twice that we’ve done it in our 20 year career.
That’s what makes this decision very difficult. We were very much looking forward to touring Europe with our friends Asking Alexandria and ZERO 9:36. Alas, the economic and logistical side of touring currently in Europe are growing too heavy for us to be able to make this feasible at this present time. With that being said, we’ve made this difficult yet necessary decision. We can’t put into words how much it sucks to have to cancel shows. We’re very much looking forward to coming back very soon and making this up to you.
Our goal as a band has always been to come over to Europe and bring the show that you all see on videos and photos from what we’ve been able to build in other parts of the world. We will still strive to do just that.
To our friends in the UK, we will still be able to make these shows happen and are very much looking forward to them.
These decisions are never made lightly especially with this band. We love you and we love touring Europe, and we WILL be back!
Respectfully and with love,
Brent, Barry, Zach & Eric